Patron Code of Conduct

The library is a place for study, research, and quiet reading. To ensure that it is used for these purposes only, the Board of Directors has approved the following Code of Conduct:

  1. The following are not permitted in the library:
    • Eating, drinking, and smoking (rest rooms and computer area included)
    • Bare feet and bathing suits
    • Loud noise and running
    • Loitering (either in the building or on the premises)
    • Sleeping
    • Soliciting funds, circulating petitions, or advertising for private business
  2. Young children must be accompanied, and supervised, by a responsible adult. The safety of the child, prevention of damage to books and materials, as well as respect for those who are using study materials, make this request necessary.
  3. Misuse of library materials, such as "rocking" on chairs, placing feet on furniture, etc. is not allowed.
  4. Mutilating or marking library property is a crime punishable by law. (Section 427 of the Library Code)
  5. Cell Phone Use: In order to create a library environment that is fair to everyone, we ask that all cell phones be turned off or to vibrate while in the library building. If you must take a call, please step outside.


Revised February 2003.