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After the Burning

Monday, October. 2, 2023    |     6:00 p.m.

In recognition of Banned Books Week 2023 (Oct. 1 through 7), the Wyomissing Public Library will host “After the Burning: A Poetic Reflection on Banned Books,” by Susan L. Peña, a journalist and poet.

Peña will read her poems, and several members of the theater community will read passages from the books she mentions in the poems. The reading will be followed by an open discussion with the audience.

Peña has written six poems about her personal experiences with books that now appear on many banned book lists. Her poems have arisen out of her concern about the removal of books deemed harmful to children and teens from school and public libraries, by some political leaders and parents.

For more information on targeted books, visit https://pen.org/report/banned-in-the-usa-state-laws-supercharge-book-suppression-in-schools/

Registration is requested. To register, email ann@wyopublib.org, or call the Library at 610-374-2385.